1. The article is original by the author in the field of hospitalization.
  2. The length of the article is expected not to exceed 15 pages including Figures, Tables, and Bibliography.
  3. Articles must be written following the JHA-PPT ARSI contextual style provided in the guidelines and templates that can be downloaded on the JHA-PPT ARSI page.
  4. ARSI JHA-PPT articles must follow the following structure:
    • Abstract,
    • Keywords,
    • Introduction,
    • Method,
    • Results and Discussion,
    • Conclusion
    • Bibliography
  5. All material in the article is original and has a maximum threshold of 20% plagiarism checker with the Turnitin tool or the like.
  6. Every article that will be published in JHA-PPT ARSI is reviewed by a reviewer with a double-blind review system. All review processes are carried out online through the OJS system and the progress of the publication process can be monitored by the authors through the OJS system.
  7. The length of time required for the publication process at J-AIC Indonesia starting from the submission/submission of the article until it is declared accepted by the editor will not be the same depending on the article review process.
  8. Editing of articles prior to publication is carried out by the editor and or involving the author. Articles printed electronically can be canceled by the editor if something is found that violates the ethics of scientific publications (data fabrication, falsification, plagiarism).
  9. Anything related to licensing of computer software for the creation of articles or other matters relating to intellectual property rights, together with the legal consequences that may arise from it, are the responsibility of the author of the article.